Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Front-page news

One of the things I've meant to do on this trip is conduct a weekly morning news meeting from all the small-town papers we read across America. I've been having too much fun to write any of that stuff up, although I have been saving some front pages.

Today, though, sitting in our nice Isle of Capri Casino Hotel in Biloxi, Miss., I want to quickly post a front-page item from the Sun Herald, "South Mississippi's Newspaper." (I took the photo of our hotel above from the bridge mentioned in the item below):

Sound Off of the Day
"As I walked acros the new Biloxi/Ocean Springs bridge with my husband and children I saw a beautiful site. No it wasn't the lights dotting the shoreline, the beautiful sunset over the water or even the cool breeze blowing across our faces; although those were breathtaking. It was the presence of the wonderful people we came across, their smiling faces and happy dispositions. Then I realized, maybe there is a place in this world where evil abates and the greater good rules supreme. I now know where that place is -- the Mississippi Gulf Coast."


Jason Bellamy said...

Wow. Guess this means "Pie in the Sky II" comes to a close in Biloxi. No need to move on.

Will you have your Seattle possessions shipped to you, or will you sell them on eBay?

In all seriousness, I've been enjoying making the trip with you...though thanks to you I've had Stevie Wonder in my head the past few days. And not good Stevie either. We're talking "Part-Time Lover." Ugh.

Do-Do, Do-Do, Do-Do-Do-Do...

David said...

Remember: Molly McGuire's! Walter Anderson in Ocean Springs!
Looks like you guys are having a WONDERFUL time!

Jim Thomsen said...

Yes, evil abates in the Deep South. Everybody knows that.

The Gulf Coast is deeply sanitized, one-hour-Martinized, Sanforized-for-your-protection South.

The letter writer reminds me of this person: