Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother’s Day

I’m not really big into the Hallmark holidays like Mother’s Day, but it’s Sunday morning in the Florida Keys and everyone’s lining up for brunch so I’m thinking of the awesome moms of M&M-ville.

Already on this trip alone we’ve enjoyed the excellent hospitality of Rita and Freda, the original M&M mothers, and had a generous offer (not taken) by Kaye’s cool mom Libby. Visits with more notable mothers to come, including Ronelle and Chicky in New Jersey, Renee in Colorado and, maybe, Janice’s sister Judy in Louiville.

It’s been a few hours now since I started this post (we had no wireless in the Keys). Up the Florida coast, through Miami Beach and now to the little beach town of Juno, near Jupiter, we’ve been accosted by uncounted men and women and little kids selling roses and stuffed animals by the side of the road – or right in the street, when we’ve stopped at an intersection – hoping to snare some last-minute Mother’s Day business.

We’re both tired. Michelle’s sleeping now -- happy for a comfortable, bug-free and air-conditioned Holiday Inn bed after a couple of hot, itchy nights camping at the beach -- and I might catch a nap too. We’ll have more stories and photos to come.

For now, Happy Mother’s Day to our moms and any others who are following along.



freda said...

thanks Mark. hope you both get a nice bug free rest, the best kind.

Ronelle said...

I can't wait for my turn on the Pie in the Sky II merry -go -round.

I think I might have to learn how to play -ok not play...SPEAK poker before your arrival.

Thanks for all the updates -I am having a great trip! ha!

Rita said...

Thanks, Mark. I've had a fantastic day and feel proud to be one of the 'original M&M mothers'.

Keep up the fun pace but don't forget the importance of good rest now and then. (Motherly advice is my privilege on Mother's Day)

kateco said...

The moms are the third M in M&M ... mmm -- happy day late day, moms!