Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Next stop: Cape Cod

Two days at the Foxwoods behind us, and we're ready to move on. After battling with the rocks and the suck-out artists tonite, I ended up $1. I can take a hint.

Here's our plan for tomorrow: We're meeting the OTHER Nicolosis for lunch at (drumroll please) Mystic Pizza -- the OTHER location. My cousin Alison started to try explain to me about the restaurant and the movie on the phone today, and I was all, hello? We've had lunch there two days in a row! Why not make it three?

After that we're headed to Cape Cod, where we will camp for the night and perhaps two nights, if it's not too buggy -- at this place:
That'll give us time to check out Martha's Vinyard and all the coolness and richness down there.

This likely means we will miss a Freda rebound visit -- she's in Mass. visiting with Bro. #2, but she is leaving Saturday. If all falls into place, we may be able to meet Steve and Sandy somewhere for a late lunch on Saturday. Then we're headed up the coast to Kennebunkport and other points Maine ...


LaSue said...

Now you are hitting some of my favorite places on the planet. Are you heading to NYC? I could hook you up with friend, Dan, for an amazing Dim Sum experience. I think it is New Haven, Connecticut which you have alread passed, they have a place that sells Clam Pizza. Sounds weird but it is amazing. Oh, and the lobster rolls. Go for the $20 variety, pricey but worth every penny. I think that is all of my food thoughts for the morning. Enjoy the Atlantic breeze.

LaSue said...

oh yeah, I just remembered, you forgot to identify your camera as a crap-shit. How soon we forget. Glad you got it up and running. Love the pictures/

freda said...

Damn, I will miss you by half a day. My friends the Kendalls have a house in Martha's Vinyard, I went there with them a few years ago when HUD sent me to Boston and Harvard. Sadly I mislaid their phone number and adress. Perhaps after I get everything sorted out after all the moving due to Katrina I may find it, too late, have fun

freda said...

you said the other Nicolosis. who in addition to Alison are you going to see?

Ronelle said...


Will you be staying with GHWB in Maine?

I must have misplaced my invitation! ha!

Have fun!

Rita said...


From 3,000 miles away, I'm salivating!