Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pie Weeks 3&4

For a slideshow with larger images go here.


Mark said...

nice pics, baby.

mich said...

I love the pictures. It's a great way to experience the trip along with you guys. Thanks for posting them!

Rita said...


When I take my road trip I'm taking you guys along.

Your recent posts have been a riot. (Loved the not-so-secret-service)

Keep us entertained.

freda said...

great slide show. by the way, on those bites, you can go to the drug store and buy cream that will take away the itch. I never go anywhere without my anti itch cream.

kateco said...

Wow, the pictures look so much less itchy than reality.

LaSue said...

Great clouds in the sand. Thanks for sharing your adventure

Anonymous said...

It ain't Florida, but we're on the water and it's beautiful. If you want to paddle when in Maine, let me know, 207.7662373 or
Sharoan (Val's freckled little sister)

Ginaa said...

oh my god i love this.
i'm so jealous. just in case that wasn't already obvious.

this reminds me of eternal sunshine,
if you can put music on it,
put this song: