Monday, June 2, 2008

A Day at Walden

Yesterday we woke up, got ourselves some Starbucks, then headed on over to Walden Pond. We walked all around the pond, listened to the bullfrogs, observed the same ants that Thoreau wrote about so many years ago, collected a few mosquito bites and just generally marvelled at the beauty of Walden Pond -- when a lady also exploring the place informed us that, oh no, we weren't at Walden Pond. We were in Walden Wood (thank god it was Walden something, or else it would have been really ridiculous). Walden Pond was just down the way.

So we get in the car and punch Walden Pond in the Garmin. She directs us around -- I swear -- in a circle, then lands us a few hundred yards from where we were, at the real Walden Pond, entrance $5. Here, at a much bigger, less woodsy spot, bunches of people hung out a the beach in bathing suits with their kids and ate sandwiches they brought from home, and generally acted like it's not a Thoreauy place at all, but rather just nearest available beach. Though the first pond wasn't the real Walden Pond, it sure felt like it.

Up the way from the Real yet Fake Walden Pond, we wandered into Ye Olde Walden Pond Gift Shop, where a guy who plays Thoreau in reenactments helped me remember the details that have slipped from my brain since I last read Walden and Civil Disobedience. He has a web site called He knew everything.

All in all, a fun trip.

Next, we stopped by to see my younger brother Steve and his wife and child, Sandy and Matthew, at their digs in Southbridge, Mass. Matthew is just two but already is heaving balls around like a linebacker.

Next stop, Cooperstown, and the Baseball Hall of Fame.


Janice said...

Thoreauy? Thoreauian? ??

freda said...

did you see him haul a gallon of milk? when I was there, he ran out of milk, so went to the fridge, took out a gallon and gave it to me to fix him a bottle. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Rita said...

Another beautiful adventure!

So, what's with the swelling, antibiotics and doctor call?

Mark said...

Mom, the swelling thing wasn't really all that much. It might have been a mosquito bite. I feel fine and look OK considering (Hemingwayesque, Sandyman said).

I didn't bother calling my doctor, but I did fill the antibiotic prescription and start taking the drugs, mostly so Michelle and Michele would get off my case.

Good to have such a big medical team, I suppose. But don't worry, everything's fine.

Rita said...

Thanks, Mark. Made my night.

The antibiotics was a smart move.
Go, Michelle.
Go, Michele.

You don't really want the medical team off your case.

Carry on and let the good times roll.

Lisa G. said...

I just checked in to see where you were. It is probably too late but if you are looking for ponds go to Otis, Big pond. I spent some of my best childhood days there. Jeff and I were last there Sept 2001. Took the girls to see some of my childhood romping grounds.

Mark, hope you are feeling well.

LaSue said...

So Mark you consented to the ER and Michelle is consenting to Baseball Hall of Fame. Sounds like a win/win to me. Who is navigating this ship anyway?

I don't consider myself a lurker, but I thought you would like a update.

I've dusted off the old beach cruiser bike and took her for a spin on Sunday. I plan to ride her to work in the a.m. Continuing new meditation practice (day 10) only 98 days to change my destiny. It all feels good.

Janice said...

Good to hear the bike is out and working! Went out last night on a big group ride that goes 25 miles every tuesday. I try to go my fastest of the week each tuesday and was ahead of Andy by a mile when he crashed on a turn! Looked like another sholder injury. After xrays he's ok. Sore but nothing broken. I blew off my ringing cell phone (I've told him a million times that if he really needs me to answer when I'm bike riding, he'll need to call twice), he didn't think he was that hurt. He finally called again and I got the car to pick him up. ER doctor tried to make a joke and said she was way out in front of you wasn't she. And was surprised when we both said yep.

LaSue said...

Janice you must stop telling me about falling off your bikes, you've got me paranoid. I'm yelling at kids as they get off the bus, you had better not be thinking about running in front of me kids. Riding the bike through the Long Beach "ghetto" ( which it really isn't) can be a challenge. Day two of bike rides to work & I'm still meditating. Is this me?