Sunday, August 31, 2008

Live Streaming Gustav Watch: Hey Bras in Houma

A bunch of guys in Houma, La., right in the path of Gustav, are live streaming their storm watch, otherwise known as drinking beer and sitting around. One of them got up and wandered away, then came back to announce, Dude! There's 2,800 people watching us!

Man, it's interesting to see how people are using Twitter this time around to share info. Check out NolaDawn, YatPundit, MidCityGirl, and GambitWeekly (The altpaper in NOLA.)

Other handy links:
All the tv stations in NOLA, live streaming. (You'll have to turn down the volumes on all of them but the one you want to watch.)

Gambit's Blog of New Orleans

It's amazing to watch Bourbon Street live.

A guy who gives good link.


freda said...

I guess those guys must have missed Katrina, no one would want to go through that more than once. Wait, I have a friend who is going to do just that. I can't believe it. In all other respects she is smart.

kateco said...

I have a mom who's doing just that. She was not under mandatory evacuation until early this evening when they expanded the area to the north of the 12 -- by then she was afraid of getting stuck on the road when the storm hit.

nik -- great gustav links -- thanks!

kateco said...

hey bras just went to bed, but not before exhorting their views to click on google ads on some web site.

freda said...

thanks for the links they have been great. It seems there is no flooding in Kenner, thank goodness.