Friday, September 26, 2008

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Every day I try to write a page or two after work on my new screenplay project, which I guess isn't all that new anymore. I can't remember exactly when I started it (it's probably noted somewhere here on the blog) but I'm up to 35 pages, and into the first section of the second act.

Right now I'm doing what professional writers call "procrastinating." Still others call it "blogging."

Three weeks ago and counting I sent my last script off to an agent, who promised to take a look at it in "2 weeks."

You know, agents, right? Of course two weeks doesn't mean two weeks. But I can't help myself. At the end of every day I say sadly to myself, my agent didn't call me again today. Sigh.

(I'm hoping that if I keep calling him "my agent" the power of my words will magically sway him across the thousands of miles to actually agree to be my agent and sell my screenplay to somebody.)

Every once in a while I go back and check the cheery email in which he promised to get to my script, like I said, in "2 weeks" just to be sure I'm not mistaking the date. September 3. That's right. At least a whole week more than two weeks.

As a friend at work would say, Chillax! I mean, he'll probably say no, right, so what's the point of getting all worked up?

As you can see, I just can't help myself. Look there. Now it's been three weeks, two days and 11 hours since he said he'd take a look.

Another week gone, and still no call from my agent.



freda said...

You have always been an outstanding writer, I am holding my breath for you. Keep us updated.

Rita said...

I'm holding my breath too. As long as it's still out there....
there's still hope.

In the meantime, give your all to the one in progress.

Good luck!

Mark said...

I love this post. It's true, every night when Michelle comes home from work the first words out of her mouth are: "Did my agent call?"

It is nice, I guess, just to say those words "my agent." I'll say this for Michelle, no one is more dedicated about her writing; if she has even five or 10 spare minutes, she'll open her Final Draft program and type. Very impressive.

I haven't read anything of the new project, but I know the last one pretty well, the one in the hands of her agent, and I predict it will be a movie. Medium hit or better.