Saturday, September 6, 2008

Twitter Testing 1-2-3

If I were twittering, as Clive Thompson seems to be suggesting I should in his NYT piece today -- and as I realized after watching people twitter their way through Gustav, I probably should be, since in the event of big news this is probably the very best way to give people incremental updates -- here's what I'd be twittering today (how's this for a Faulknerian sentence?):

Starting a new screenplay today. "It was a dark and stormy nite..."

67 characters. Well within the 140 limit allowed on Twitter ...

Are you twittering? Tell me why or why not. I'm trying to decide if it's time to take the leap.


Jason Bellamy said...

I don't Twitter. I have one friend -- mid-20s, and part of the Facebook addicted era -- who Twitters. And she loves her Twitter.

But I don't get it.

Maybe part of it is that I feel I can hardly keep up on my blog reading (never mind writing), despite Google Reader's assistance. So keeping up with Twitter updates seems impossible. And Twittering my own updates would be more impossible still.

I agree there have been instances in which it's a tremendous tool. But 90 percent of my friend's Twitters seem to be repeats: The Starbucks update; the project-I-just-finished-at-work update; the boy-am-I-tired update; the what-state-am-I-in? update (she's been working on the Obama campaign for months now).

I guess I've yet to find someone with a life so interesting that it demands to be Twittered. I love the comparative longform of "M&M" and other blogs. With Twitter, you could barely write "bad beat story." Forget about telling one.

(Note: Would be happy to have someone tell me I'm a moron and convince me of Twitter's genius.)

(Note II: Since this is a tech geeky post...Have you (or readers) tried Google Chrome yet? Is it all that? I intend to download and play later today. Haven't had the chance yet.)

freda said...

twitter? just when I think I have caught up off you go again.

Mark said...

I'm with Jason on this. I don't get it either, although I say without having tried it. As it is, I'm feeling over-connected.

I don't even want micro-updates of what everyone's doing, let alone the hassle of posting my own.

mich said...

I've never gotten Twitter, either. I haven't tried doing it myself, but have tried reading other Twitter-ings, and every time I've come away thinking it was a waste of time. Maybe I'll still convert one of these days, but it's hard to imagine.

Jim Thomsen said...

I'm with the rest of the class here. I've gotten other people's "tweets" ... and they all seem to be inane minutiae. I have no time for it, no use for it. And now that I've read all about that idiotic instance in which some idiot reporter used Twitter at a child's funeral to post a series of moronic recitations of surface observations there, I'm not convinced it has any journalistic value either.

It's just another form of texting. Big cocksmoking deal.