Saturday, October 4, 2008

Music deal o' the week

It's been a while since I've posted any music reviews, and it's too bad because I've bought a lot of great music over the past months (and a couple of clunkers) that I should be noting.

But this one is so good, and the deal is so good and so short-lived, that I want to pass it along right now. It's "Two Men with the Blues," the unlikely combination of Wynton Marsalis, the great jazz trumpeter, and Willie Nelson, the great country crooner, troubadour and bitchin' pothead. Recorded live at Lincoln Center, part of Marsalis' regular jazz orchestra series there, the album is a wonderful mix of old-style New Orleans jazz and blues and Nelson's effortless lilt floating above.

I'm amazed at how well their styles blend. It has fast become one of my favorite records.

Now here's the great part. In an effort to nudge into iTunes' giant lead in the music store business, Amazon has started a really cool feature: Every Friday, it offers five albums for sale, via download, for $5. It's a great deal, I've downloaded several cool old records this way, but the thing is, each week's sale only lasts until Monday.

So go now, and check this one out. You can play short samples of the songs before you buy.

Four gliomas for sure. You can thank me later.

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Mike said...

Great find, Bro! I've been enjoying my new album this afternoon. Can't beat the price, and the music's damn good. Thanks for the heads-up.