Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day at the SeattlePI

I got to work at around 10, and my friends Candace and Sarah were standing around talking about heading out to score some of the free election day stuff we blogged about at the SeattlePI.com.

They invited me to go along, so, just like Mark, we hit the Cupcake Royale for a mini cupcake. The place was packed with people scoring a free election day cupcake, and responding well to the upsell prompt: want some coffee with that? The workers wouldn't let me take their picture, because they said the owner wouldn't want me to. So I took Candace and Sarah's picture instead.

We get back in the car and Candace informs me we're headed next to Babeland Sex Toys, which is giving away Silver Bullets and Mavericks to voters. One of them, I can't remember which, informs me that these make excellent gifts.

We find another half dozen voters at Babeland, including two ladies who giddily tell us they're on a democracy tour of Seattle. Here they are with their Silver Bullets:

The ladies behind the counter have No Problem with us taking their picture. They were busy as hell today, and gave out hundreds of toys to other voters making the free voter stuff rounds today.

Then finally the coffee. I asked this lady in front of us at the Starbucks if she was in line for her Freedom Coffee, and she said yes indeed. Like me, she insisted that they give her something other than Pike Place, because it sucks. This chick's even more adamant than me and Mark about the pure suckage of the mild, mealy-mouthed, milquetoast Pike Place blend: She even went to a stockholders' meeting to complain about its suckiness. They wouldn't bend, she said. Instead, they showed a video explaining how Pike Place was great.

Then back to work, to go over our plans for the online play of the election. Sarah and producer Curt watch as the first results hit the TV in the afternoon:

Then, oy, this election is bad for my diet. How was I to resist the amazing McCain and Obama cookies the PI bought for employees?

I just finished eating my Obama cookie. Mmm, sugary goodness. Obama's talking now. Yes we can, he says. Yes, we can.


kateco said...

I love this post. Hooray to all the people who put the free stuff into freedom.

Janice said...

Election day in the Eastern time zone is business as usual. I had time to go home, run, cook, bathe and get in my long johns before the first election results came in. Ohio was after 8 pm here and that was the first real news. I fell asleep to Obama's speech, it was midnight or later.