Saturday, December 6, 2008

West Seattle Xmas Tree Lighting

Much fun had by all at the West Seattle Christmas Tree lighting tonite, where Tracy Record and fam of West Seattle Blog did the honors. Here's a gallery of pix, with a special focus on excellent hat fashions.

For a slideshow with larger images go here.

Handy notes for SealBeachDaily denizens: Use free VoiceNotes program on IPhone to record audio. Open GarageBand on the mac, delete the default track, drag your audio file into GarageBand. Click Share, send to ITunes, save as MP3. Import into Soundslides.


freda said...

Great pics. Lots of lovely people, hats, lights, and what is that light below the moon? You guys look great.

Donna said...

Very nice! I love all of the cozy winter hats, something we don't see in SoCal... The music is a cool addition.

Rita said...

Very coolio.

Merry Christmas.

kateco said...

sweet tech advice -- yeah you are a godess