Saturday, January 24, 2009

Belated happy inauguration day

In honor of Obama's inauguration the other day I went to and made these images in the style of candidate Barack's famous "Hope" poster.

Apparently a lot of people have had the same idea. I keep seeing Facebook friends who have changed their personal photos to Obamicons, and an email from the Obamicon site tells me it's catching on:

"We knew we had a fun idea when it hit us, but we had no idea we'd get this kind of response. In less than two weeks, we've had millions of page views and nearly 200,000 Obamicons have been created--and activity grows by the hour."

I enjoyed watching part of the ceremonies and parade at Mich's house, over a cup of coffee and a turkey sandwich, and Michelle and I watched the Tivo'd Obama speech at home later Tuesday night. Very good, I thought: just the right stern, serious tone to lay out the problems and yet with a believable sense of can-do optimism. (Aretha, sadly, was not as awesome as her hat.)

A bunch of friends went to Washington for the inauguration. My friend Jason, who lives there, spent the day on the Mall and posted some great photos over at his site, The Cooler. Check them out.

Did you watch the ceremonies? Your thoughts? Also, if you have your own Obama-style photo, please send it along; we'll post an M&M-icon gallery.


freda said...

I love your Obamicon photo, though I must say, Michelle has come out better than you Mark. Yes, I watched the inauguration, it was wonderful to see all those people joining together in celebrating the inauguration of Obama, and also celebrating the turn back to the way this country could and should be. No more torture. How can torture possibly be construed favorably by anyone other than Sadam? The first step on the road back to our humanity. Thank you Obama.

Rita said...

Cool Obamican poster pictures!!

I feel that things are closer to right, now that Mark-the-Politico has commented on the historical inauguration!
Yes, I was mesmerized all day and night watching - made me feel like waving a flag or something. I think he brought many of us back to feeling hope for the future and pride in being an American.

You aren't the only one that thought Aretha was less amazing than her hat.....on CNN recently, she said she was very disappointed in her delivery and blamed it all on the freezing weather.

Mark said...

No doubt, Freda, but then she went in looking better. Anyway, I'm used to it. She has come out better than me in most things.

freda said...

I'm curious, I no longer show up on FEEDJIT, either on your site or mine. I haven't in months. I wonder why not?