Friday, January 16, 2009

Save the News

Last night Mark and I went to the Save the News event at Oddfellows Bar in the trendy Capitol Hill area of Seattle. It was organized by local blogger Dylan Wilbanks of metblogs and attended by about 25 bloggers and interested persons.

It was cool to meet a lot of the local bloggers working at Seattlest and Metblogs and other local independent publishers. We met Clark of, I met again Cory Bergman, who runs and a number of other local blogs, I briefly met Justin who runs a collection of blogs here, Dylan from Metblogs, and Mike, the editor of Seattlest.

Everybody drank some beers and then Dylan organized a group of people to organize an event for sometime next month to discuss the future of news in Seattle. A wiki and a Twitter feed have since been set up.

Here's a couple photos of the event.

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freda said...

Is that Mark with a full beard? looks good