Thursday, February 19, 2009

David Byrne Rocks Seattle

Quickie photos from the David Byrne concert in Seattle a few hours ago.

As many of our eight readers know, I shot the Talking Heads almost 30 years ago in New Orleans for my college paper, The Driftwood. And also, for myself. Awesome to see him again, for the 3rd time, tonite. The show was great and excellent. How awesome to have a birthday boyfriend who loves the same things I do. Happy birthday, Mark Matassa! How does it feel to be 49?

(Check back later for some scanned B&W photos from back in the day.)

For bigger photos go here.


freda said...

So glad you had such a good time. How wonderful to have someone wonderful to share it with.

Mark said...

Great photos, baby. What a genius concert -- in the Pantheon for sure, both of shows and of birthday presents.

kateco said...

Impressed with your coolness then (at the Driftwood) as now.

Happy 49er, Mark.

mich said...

Nice photos, Michelle! Can't wait to hear all about the show. What a great way to spend a birthday. Happy start to your 50th year, Mark.

Rita said...

Good job, Michelle!

I'm sure it was a great night! Nice that you spoil him the way that you do.