Saturday, February 28, 2009

For every down, an up

Needing a break from the failure of newspapers, hassles of health care and annoyances of unemployment, yesterday I took the bicycle out. My sister Michele and I had a great ride down the hill to Alki Beach, with its beautiful views of downtown Seattle on one side and the Olympic Mountains on the other, and enjoyed a nice fish-and-chips lunch at Sunfish.

Of course then it turned out that if you ride down to the beach you also have to pedal up the hill to get home. Still, all good.

A little exercise and fresh air on an usually pleasant, spring-like February afternoon. We agreed it was good day to not have a job.

Here are a few pics, beginning with Mich saddling up at my house.


mich said...

God, that was fun. Thanks for helping me relive it. I'll do that again any time!

Babs said...

Hey Mark! I'm glad you and Mich got out today. I was working in my yard when my newly retired brother rolled up on his bike and helped me transplant some roses. I wanted to go get my bike out of the garage and go with him but I've a new puppy that can't run the streets yet.
Back to your bike ride: yes, the view and the energy changes when you stop thinking and start peddling.
Tony Green (late of the Oregonian) has a song about getting on the bike. Let me see if I can track it down.

Paul Andrews said...

Hi Mark, did not know you and Mich were fellow travelers...I borrowed you guys for a "guest post" on my bike blog!