Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One thing planned, two to go

Today's my birthday and among several nice greetings I received was this note from my friend Denny Heck in Olympia: "I challenge you to do three fun things today -- three things you wouldn't ordinarily do!"

Well, OK then. I like that. An unusual birthday wish and a challenge to boot.

For my birthday Michelle is taking me tonight to a David Byrne concert here in Seattle. I'm really looking forward to that. I love his music but have never seen him live. So that's one fun thing I wouldn't normally do.

I'm still accepting suggestions for two other things. So far all I've been able to come up with is: Do an honest day's work and get a good night's sleep. Nothing ordinary for me about either of those, although it's already too late in the day to pull off the first.

I need to run out now and get a blood draw and buy some overpriced anti-seizure drugs, but I don't think those errands count as unusual or especially fun.

Hit me with a couple of ideas before tonight's concert!


Jason Bellamy said...

Sing the praises of Richie Sexson?

Happy Birthday, dude!

Ronelle said...

Happy Birthday Mark -I thought about you all day today!

I was going to suggest that you bowl some strikes in Wii bowling...that would be too mean on your birthday.

Soooo here is my suggestion. Pick a number of beers that you would never buy and give them a try! I did a couple weekends of beer tasting this summer and it was fun! I wish I could join you in this adventure.

Here's another crazy idea - buy a plane ticket and drop in on family on the east coast - come on -live dangerously.

Whatever you do - enjoy it!

Happy Birthday with love!

Mark said...

Decent suggestions. Thank you both.

Although Jason, if you read the fine print, I'm not sure your idea would qualify. Surely praising Sexson would be out of the ordinary but I don't think it would qualify as fun.

Ronelle, you'd be shocked at my Wii bowling skills these days. Throwing strikes: total fun, but no longer all that unusual. In fact we were playing a game -- Gina, Franny and I -- at about the time you wrote this note. I had to break a sweat to hold off Gina, fast approaching pro status. It turns out she doesn't bowl as well when being pushed from behind.

I hope to take you up on that East Cost trip sometime ...

freda said...

happy birthday Mark. I hope you have a great time at the concert, and for two more fun things, go out to eat before the concert and for a glass of wine after. and of course somewhere in there, eat cake. Oh, and watch Jon Stewart, he makes my day. Michelle, give Mark a big kiss from me. There you are, there you go, five fun things.

Mike said...

Hey, Bro! Only 49? What a pup! Another year and you'll no doubt be mature enough to know when to hold 'em, and when to fold 'em.

Happy belated birthday. My gift to you is a trip to the ballpark to see Junior, now that he's jumped the Joes in favor of the Ms. Let's pick a date when an NL team will be visiting, and the King dogs and King beers -- or whatever they call 'em now -- are on me.

Mark said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. It's been a fun week.

Mike, I'll definitely take you up on that Safeco offer. You know you've always got a place to stay here. I'll even help you find a card game. In fact the Muck has just announced a series of satellites for the World Series of Poker. Maybe a combo trip? I'll send you the info.