Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well aren't you saucy?

Here's a review of our dinner last night from the fabulous Franny:

Well aren't you saucy?

Dinner at the Matassa's tonight was rice bowls. "rice and beanies" as they call it. What started as a saucy mix of red beans, chicken stock, sausage, and various veggies, turned out to be a wonderful and delicious dinner served over rice. With comments like "good and spicy and good" "this is tasty" and "BEANIES!" I would say this dinner was definitely a hit. I founded myself getting up to get more against my better judgement because i knew i was already full. It takes some serious foodage to make that happen. However if you try to make this meal at home take note of the coke and baget served on the side.
I give this meal two brain tumors up :)

Thanks Fran!

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