Wednesday, September 26, 2007

FOM&M on her Creole heritage

Check out Lynntte "Begonia" Johnson's story on her search for her Creole heritage, published in the Times Picayune. M&M wonders: where's that video? Can it be uploaded?

"When I was 7 years old, my grandmother told me I was a Creole. She was not too clear on exactly what that meant, but it sounded exotic to my young ears. Intrigued by this revelation, I scribbled down the word and vowed to investigate.

But I never ran across the term in any of my school textbooks. Nor did my teachers bring it up. Nor did I hear it used on the street among my friends. I moved on."

Great lede. Read more here.

Thanks to Kaye at NiteNote for the link!

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kateco said...

She just called me a little while ago -- she has all kinds of amazingly good shit going on -- fill you in when you get your asses down here ...