Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Michelle tells all

Okay, reviews:

Eastern Promises: Vigo's amazing -- really, really amazing -- blondie's pretty good, script is smart and clean, ending's kind of flat. Nude fighting in the sauna is a must see.
3 gliomas.

Cult of the Amateur: Still reading it, still hating it. What a snob this guy is.
Negative 4 gliomas.

Yuma: Old version not that good in my mind. Thin, characters you don't care much about. Seeing the old and the new back to back really brought home how great Hollywood has gotten at making people seem real. Crowe in the new version was really astonishing. He's a great actor, the character was great, the screen play very good, the dilemmas and people nuanced and likeable. None of that was in the first version.
Yuma 1: 2 gliomas
Yuma2: 3.5 gliomas

The debates: I don't like any of the candidates, I never do. The whole political process feels shallow, stupid and disenfranchising. They all sound like Charlie Brown's teacher to me. Bwa bwah, bwa bwa bwah. Nobody means anything. What a bunch of posers. "We're forgetting who we are as Americans, Tim." Oh, bite me. "This whole nation should be a sanctuary for the world."
0 gliomas.

House: Great season opener last night. One problem I have with movies and etc is I'm always figuring out the ending in the first 10 minutes. House always stumps me. I love the crotchety lead character. What a crab he is. If you haven't given this show a shot, try it one time.
4 gliomas

This Martini: Excellent.
5 gliomas.

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Mark said...

I concur on "House" and the martini.