Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why is JLo so FAT???!!!

Maybe it's the fried mozzeralla sticks?

Kids, FOM&M Greg Hernandez is turning into the darling of Hollywood media. Greg has long had a fabulous Hollywood blog that blended his two favorite things: Celebrities and Gayness! As if Out in Hollywood was not enough, he's now launched an awesome second blog. I quote from one of today's posts:

"Good morning!!! Apparently no one believes that Jennifer Lopez is not pregnant. The main reason: no one believes JLo would let herself get that FAT!!!..."


Me and Greg at the Director's Guild Awards a few years ago


kateco said...

we lova da greg.Wow check those pix. our little greg hangin' with leo an the cloonmeister ....

Mark said...

Greg! Come on, man, you know "Let's Stay Together" is Al Green. That was our first date!

Otherwise, cool blog. Congrats.

Mark said...

Those really are cool pics.

Michelle, it took me the longest time to figure out what FOM&M meant. Friends of M&M, right? Like Clinton's old fund-raising buddies FOB, Friends of Bill?

michelle said...