Saturday, September 29, 2007

Living it up in LA

Here we are in LA.

First things first, we headed straight to the Farmer's Market for a meet up with pal Greg and to get one of my favorite all time meals in Los Angeles, an oyster po-boy from the New Orleans restaurant here, followed by a piece of pecan pie from the pie place.

Greg walked over from his bachelor pad in the La Brea apartments. Hard to believe I haven't seen him in four years. We had a quick two hour catch up on celebrity and local media gossip, then I had to head to the hotel to finish my powerpoint for the dillio on Monday.

Before heading to the hotel, Mark and I took a quick spin around The Grove, our favorite place to see movies back when we lived just off Melrose, and Mark was working at the LA Times, and I was working at USC.

Mark and I are both grog as hell -- getting up at 7 a.m. is overrated. He is halfway sleeping and halfway watching the USC Husky game on TV. He keeps mumbling game updates to me, but that's all in one ear for me, even though I worked at USC for a few years. The sound of football is right up there with the sound of the fridge humming -- I don't notice it, and even when I try to I can't focus on it.

Weirdly, when we first got to the Westin Bonaventure here on S. Figueroa, they gave us a room that hadn't been made up yet. It was creepy sitting in those chairs looking at the messed up bed, and at the soggy towels on the floor, and wondering who had been in there and what he or she had been doing. Did he have a hairy butt? Did they have sex right there? Eew.

The new room:


kateco said...

Totally jealous of the po-boy. 7 am wakeup and soggy towels not so much.

Greg said...

7 years at Park LaBrea and no idea such awesome pecan pie across the street. I'm doomed! Why am I so fat??