Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Here they are!

Michelle and her new ride:

Very cool. The car, too.

Michelle even made an exception last night to her strict I'm-not-riding-with-no-damn-epileptic policy and let me drive the Element around the block. Nice. Sure glad I didn't seize out and crash.

Good purchase, baby.


michelle said...

Hey!!! Where'd that conspicuous consumption category come from!!!

My ride sure is blue. It sure was nice to drive in this morning. I wanted to just keep going.

and yes, it's a damn far cry from the falcon. Maybe I'll call it Clive, in honor of Clive breaking the Falcon's window. Or maybe I'll call it Falcon, in honor of the old Falcon. Thoughts?

Mark said...

naming a car is gay. not that there's anything wrong with that.

Janice said...

Well you can't keep calling it Big Blue, in Kentucky that's the redneck fans of the University of Kentucky. Clive or falcon will work. It brought to my mind's eye a photographic memory of the look on Clive's face when the window shattered over him. We warned him to climb over the gear shift and not risk opening and then closing that door. If he had heeded the warning the window would not have shattered. When I got my first car, you or Kaye or Val or Laurie named it the Janice-mobile. I've since obtained the Janice-mobile II. It's a functional name. Don't listen to Mark, a car needs a name.

kateco said...

Don't think it can be the falcon. Clive -- that's too sad.

Drive it a while and the name will assert itself. Blue. Blue Highway. Blues legend. Bloot. Bluetooth!

Laurie named mine The Sweet Pea, but it is also known as The Element. (Once I was worried it would be called the Smellement -- I was relieved when that didn't catch on)

Mark: Hey, some of my best friends' cars have names!

Mark said...


Rita said...

Funny, funny stuff!

"Blueberry" comes to my mind since your first road-trip was labeled 'pie-in-the-sky'.

Bit of a stretch!

Whatever you call it - enjoy it Big Time.

Anonymous said...

This is Judy
obviously it's the "Blues Mobile"

Ronelle said...

How presumptuous of me to make my first comment a suggestion for naming your new addition! Then again, I do have the BEST idea so it would just be wrong for me to keep it to myself. It seems obvious to me that your new very blue ride should be named Jake or Elwood - you get to pick which one you like best. Enjoy it!

Mark said...

Ronelle: Welcome!

Man, if naming a car wasn't really lame that would be a great suggestion.