Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our latest contributor

I just want to welcome my cousin Ronelle, from Oceanport, N.J., who stumbled across M&M yesterday and already has posted her first comment, on the subject of naming Michelle's new car.

Ronelle sent me a few pictures of her daughter Christin (my third cousin?), who just graduated from high school. I've met her a couple of times -- Christin, I mean -- but in my head she's like 9 years old. Ronelle I don't know a heck of a lot better, but I've always felt a very close connection to her. We just hit it off.

Here's Christin:

Here's Ronelle's comment on Michelle's car:

How presumptuous of me to make my first comment a suggestion for naming your new addition! Then again, I do have the BEST idea so it would just be wrong for me to keep it to myself. It seems obvious to me that your new very blue ride should be named Jake or Elwood - you get to pick which one you like best. Enjoy it!
And here's what she's talking about (I have to admit it's a pretty good idea):

Thanks Ronelle. And welcome!


Michele Matassa Flores said...

Hi Ronelle! What a great way to reconnect.

Rita said...

What a happy day, Ronelle, to find you, and Christin, on the blog!

M&M gets better and better.

Ronelle said...

What a nice surprise! Thanks for the warm welcome Mark - is it possible to be embarrassed in cyberspace?

Thanks for the comments Aunt Rita and Michele, I am so happy to have a gathering place so we can stay in touch the way we should. A family that blogs together...