Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hungover exercise

Had a couple of drinks last night and woke up feeling the effects a little bit. But it's a pretty morning, Michelle was still sleeping, the girls aren't here yet, and I decided this was probably my best chance to get a short run in today, so off I went.

This was my third outing since that first, pathetic comeback attempt the other day, and considering the circumstances it went OK: I finished the entire one-mile loop without falling or puking. I'm sweatier than an even moderately fit person should be after such little exertion, but still.

Couple of close calls though.

As I ran around a construction guy unloading some stuff down by the daycare that used to be a church and before that the YWCA, I stepped in a hole in the sidewalk and twisted my bad ankle. I thought I was going to hit the deck, which would have royally pissed me off if it broke my iPod.

Also, I ran by a yard with a couple of aggressively barking, snarling, mean-looking dogs. What a matchup, I thought: me, a pitbull on the pantleg of grumpiness, vs. two pitbulls on the cyclone fence of jogger-spookiness. Well, I don't know if they were actual pit bulls, but they were definitely of the species canis badassicus. Fortunately they weren't smart enough to realize they could easily clear the short fence and turn me into hamburger.

I'm happy to be home and only sweaty, not bloody.

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freda said...

canis badassicus I love it.