Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Online conference, last day

We split into groups last night to create web sites off topics we were given: environment/global warming, politics, immigration -- two teams on each. My awesome team was made up of Mary from the LA Times, Heather from Yahoo, Vikki from, and Bill from We created this site, a social media site around the topic of immigration. It was wicked fun, as Adam Sandler might say. Here's our site:

Man, the other teams here came up with some awesome projects. No kidding, I think you could leave out of there and go launch half these ideas AND make money off of them. I think next year the focus of this workshop should be "Launch a bitchin new web site: from idea to execution." We'll make it a two week conference instead of one, and we'll incorporate designers and engineers so that at the end of the two weeks we go live and start making money. Hey -- that's my Knight Challenge Grant proposal! All right! I was hoping to come up with an idea by the October 15 deadline.

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Note to self: check out twitter vision.


kateco said...

If you were any cooler, you'd turn my braids to icicles. Hurry and wrap up the big show ristorante dei coheni awaits. And are we hanging out tomorrow?

freda said...

very cool. pardon my ignorance, but how do you make money with a web site? other than google buying it that is.

Michelle said...

Yes, shick. I'll come down after lonche, if that' ok with you.

Mom, you make money with web sites by posting lots of pictures of Britney.

Michelle said...

Just kidding. If you have a big enough website, you can sell ads to advertisers. You can charge $1 to $40 or more for every 1,000 times an ad is viewed -- that's called CPM (cost per thousand views). If you serve say, 37 million page views, with say, five ads per page -- as the does -- that can add up. So long as you don't spend too much money creating the content people come to see, you can be in pretty good shape.

freda said...

OK, first, not fair making me laugh out loud at the public library. Second, very interesting. I am at the library because Janet's computer is protected by id and password, so I can only get in if she or Keith are there to get me on, and while I was out for a walk I saw a library. ta da. today is my first time really taking a walk, it is the first time my hip has been recovered enough. I did go to the bank once, but it was a painful trip. stupid Canada air.

freda said...

also, I really enjoyed your story about The Dave. I'm sorry I never met him. I'm also not sure how these things work. Do you have a way of knowing if someone comments on old pieces?