Thursday, October 25, 2007

Weird technology thing

I just spent an hour or so exchanging thoughts about the blog and other life stuff with my mom -- Rita, in the comments -- without any typing at all and no Internet connection!

How did we do it? A strange little invention called the telephone. You talk into one end and hear from the other. Coolio.

It's funny, one of the great benefits of M&M is that it feels like we're in constant touch with friends and family. But as Mom and I noted tonight -- and we've also found with Kaye, Mich and others -- the daily comments have meant less actual contact, in person or even by phone.

It was nice to chat with Mom tonight. She sounds great.

Here she is last month with Michelle and Mich outside the Paramount, where we saw Tony Bennett (presented by AARP; ugh):


mich said...

I love it (except for seeing myself in a photo, but that's nothing new). Phones are still good for some things, I guess.

Hi Mom!

Rita said...

Oh what a night it was....

The picture was a nice surprise, Mark.
You're full of nice surprises, like the great phone call tonight. What a thought he had - that Alexander Graham Bell!

As addicted as I am to the M&M Blog, it's still nice to have a real conversation now and then. You sounded great too! I'll surprise you next time.

Michelle, Mich and I looked happy, like a handsome photographer had just caught our attention.

Hi Mich!

kateco said...

you cuties

Rita said...

Thanks, Kaye.

Nice to see you and your comments back. I put a voodoo-hex on the migraines.

Rick said...

I'm just exploring M&M blog for the first time and found the Tony B show! We did that same with Mom and a group back in New Jersey -- what a great show! I'll be back to keep up with the buzz:)

Cousin Rick