Friday, November 30, 2007

Learning Italian from A Scot

A little more on the My Daily Phrase Italian podcast.

I love this podcast because it's so weirdly quirky -- and yet helpful. The teacher is a guy named Mark (good name) who is either a Scottish guy with a great Italian accent, or an Italian guy who learned his English in Scotland. Either way, no way was I expecting a Sco'ish accent from an Italian teacher. It's eerily doubly foreign to have this Sco'ish bagpipe sounding guy repeating over and over again "Buon Giorno. Buoooon ... Gi-ooorrrrrnno. Buon Giorno." And then going into his Sco'ish banter.

One of the guys who reviewed the podcast on ITunes (rave reviews, from one and all) says it best: It's like learning Italian from Shrek. Har! I was more thinking it made me feel like that Scottish comedian Billy Connelly is teaching me Italian.

I went over to Radio Lingua Network, which does the podcasts, to see if they had more info about this guy (mainly I'm trying to figure out if he's Sco'ish or Italian) and I found this. Looks like maybe Mark is Sco'ish. If so, he's got a great Italian accent.

Anyways, I'm on lesson 13 now, and hit my first stumbling block. It's too bad one of the hardest things to say in Italian is "can you repeat that please?!"

Correction: Apologies, dear readers. We provided the wrong link in an earlier post about this. We now have the correct link in both posts.


freda said...

I tried the link, but it seems it is for Apple, and of course I have a pc. shucks. I love Billie Connelly.

Val said...

Freda, the Apple store and iTunes work on the PC, too. Download iTunes and install it (quite easy, just a few clicks) and then click the podcast link in Michelle's post again.