Friday, November 16, 2007

A nearly missed anniversary

With all the attention I've been paying lately to my own "spazziversary" and "surgeversary," I totally forgot that today is the third anniversary of my dad's passing.

It took a lunch date with my sister Mich today to remind me. Man. I'm sure it's a tough day for my mom, who had been a full-time caretaker for the last couple of years and was pretty exhausted when he died, but who I know feels lonely sometimes now despite also enjoying her independence.

Dad and I had an up-and-down, sometimes difficult relationship, but we loved each other too. A lot of who I am comes from him, I know that much. I miss him.

When he died we all toasted him in the way he would have preferred, I think: a large, strong gin martini on the rocks. In fact we christened the drink an EMMM -- Eddie Matassa Memorial Martini -- and Mom got me a set of awesome tumblers with those initials etched on the side.

Tonight, Michelle and I will hoist an EMMM for Dad, maybe put on some Sinatra. I figure Mom will do the same.


In related Matassa family news, Michelle and I have decided to take Mom up on her generous M&M-commented invitation and drive to Eugene next week for Thanksgiving. Mich and her family will be there too and maybe our sister Lisa. Should be cool.

(Thanks, Kaye, for the generous T-giving duck invite. I wish we could be there too.)


kateco said...

hey guys -- it sounds like you are going to be just where you belong on thanksgiving day. Love to Rita and all of the remembering Matassas. It is really something to be thankful for to be part of such a great clan.

Rita said...

Mark - You make me laugh.....
You make me cry...

These words remind me of what love is all about. Thank you. You keep my soul alive. Tonight we all remembered.

I can't wait for Thanksgiving! There's a privilaged Butterball out there ready and anxious to make the sacrifice for Matassaversaries.

Thank you too, Kaye, and Happy Duck Day.

Ronelle said...

To all the Matassas and all who love them -
I am thinking of you - and especially Uncle Eddie tonight. I know just what you mean when you say you miss your dad - it has been 13 years since my dad passed and I think I miss him more and more each day. But, I agree with you Mark that they live on in us...and now in our children as well. I remember often the times we shared playing lawn darts and croquet in your back yard. My mom and I talk about it often. (Mark, remember the softball marathon with the chili dinner break? I do.) Anyway, I am sure that while you Matassas are lifting an EMMM - my dad and Grandma and Grandpa are sharing the same with Uncle Eddie. I am so glad you will be together for Turkey day - I wish I could come for dessert. Love to you all. said...

We had double margaritas instead of the EMMM tonight, but I've been thinking about Dad all week, playing Sinatra and talking about him to anyone who would listen.

Mark and Michelle, I'm so glad you're meeting us in Eugene! Now it seems like an extra special holiday.

Ronelle, Happy Thanksgiving to you, Aunt Chickie, Rick and all the kids. And Kaye, you have a great holiday too. It's been fun getting to know you through M&M.

Gotta love this blog!