Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So last night I had my first disasterous spill in The Vehicle. Driving home from Luna Park Cafe with Mark's favorite "I don't feel good" meal -- burger, fries and the most awesome delicious chocolate shake in the world -- I was checking on the shake to make sure it was okay, when it burst open and splatted chocolaty goodness all over the car.

This morning, I opened the door to find two drops of shake still sitting on the seat where they landed -- not at all absorbed into the stain resistant fabric, still retaining their round chocolate droplet shape. The steering wheel also had lots of chocolatey goodness all over it, and the plastic floor was royally splattered.

I have no doubt that it will all wipe away in seconds, whenever I get a chance.

I'm also notice that the car is smelling a lot less new-car smelling, and a lot more like chocolate shake and over-ripe bananas you forgot in the back seat.

I guess we could name the car what it smells like, but then, you'd have to keep changing the name over time, and eventually that could be an unsavory solution. ...


kateco said...

Call it the Pew Research Center.

Michelle said...

Isn't that the Pee-yew research center?