Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A successful male is a dead male

So Mark's doing the evening news meeting by reading snippets to me from the New York Times science page. One story is all about swarming as an animal behavior, another is about bee behavior (inspired by the stupid Seinfeld bee movie). Natalie Angier, science writer extraordinaire, informs that the mating queen bee has one mating flight in life, and dozens of would-be mates fling themselves at her during this flight. The males that succefully mate with her are rewarded with a nasty suprise: Their penises snap off and they die. "A successful male," she writes, and Mark reads, "Is a dead male."

Wow, I say. One crazy flight, that chick bee flings her self out in to the world and screws everything she sees. Imagine if people were like that, I say.

"That's called college," Mark says.

I can't add to that, really.


freda said...

you guys are so funny, I love it. you are right it was a crappy movie, what a disappointment, Shrek set the bar too high for future cartoon movies, (1 and 2 that is, 3 was crap). I finally saw the Gangster movie and agree with Mark, it is great.

Mark said...

Freda, it's great to hear from you again. Are you back home?

freda said...

hi Mark, yes, I am finally home. My bed never felt so good, even though it is the guest bed, I left mine in the condo, which I have not been able to live in since Katrina. I have been trying to figure out how to get some of my pictures into this blog, but have not figured out a way. I have been back on the court, played tennis in SHORTS AND SHORT SLEEVED TOP, yea for New Orleans. My big padded, hooded coat is back in the closet where it belongs.