Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trip Mania

Okay kids, this is a participatory sport.

I get the urge to hit the road. Mark does too, but our ideas are kind of spongey. We can't seem to focus.

I'm half thinking of taking Mark off to Venice in February, then a three month road trip across America in July.

I'm just curious: If you were the boss of us, where would you tell us to go? Or if you were us (even better) where would YOU go?

The rules: You have three weeks of vacation, plus up to 6 months off pay free. Make your schedule. All must occur within the year 2008.


Janice said...

This might not be my final answer but it will be close. I would look for wilderness and trout which would put me into northern U.S or Canada in during the northern hemisphere summer and patagonia or someplace like that during the southern summer. I wouldn't want to camp in a tent but would want to stay at a camp. It wouldn't even have to be in the outback. If I left the camp in a car to get to a good fishing spot, that's fine as long as there is not too many people about so that the drive to the fish takes too long. It would have to last long enough so that I feel like I can goof off a day and it wouldn't be wasted. If I wanted a civilization vacation, I would bike around Spain or Italy. That would give good food to eat and get me around at a slow enough pace to see things differently than in a car.

michelle said...

Nice one.

freda said...

well, Janice has come up with a nice trip, but obviously, you should go to NO, pick up your mom, and take her with to to Italy. :)

kateco said...

I have friends in tuscany ... and we should talk. Nik, you know the digits.

kateco said...

Just sending this link to share the joys of Tuscany with the rest of the M&M world: here's an online album of our 20th anniversary trip in 2005.