Monday, November 12, 2007

Wind without warning

Unlike a few weeks ago, when the local media warned of "a significant wind event" (the Seattle Times' memorable phrase) that didn't fully materialize, today's big storm blew in without a lot of advance press. I woke up to the sound of wind and rain and then opened my computer to find a nice note from Kaye wondering how we were managing in the weather. Not bad, so far. As I told Kaye, the Internet and the coffee pot are both working. Good enough.

It is stormy, though. Or, as a local meteorologist puts it in a P-I quote this morning, "It is darn windy for us."

The other thing I notice about the insta-coverage online is that the P-I leads with winds gusting "to more than 60 mph," while the Times goes with a "92 mph windstorm." Hmm, a 50 percent difference in guestimates. That's also about the difference in Times and P-I circulation. Coincidence?

Also, this would be a good time to mention: Thanks, Michelle, for spending the afternoon raking leaves yesterday.


Michelle said...

o hilarous you! In fact, Gina raked yesterday, as part of our bulb planting project. She only raked up the leaves that were in the way of the planned flower bed. (Irises, lilies and grape hyacinth, if you're curious. :)

Rita said...

Oregon wind events got a little signicant too. Not too bad in Eugene but blustery enough!

Overall week-end there sounded good. With Franny controlling the crowd, Michelle & Gina planting and raking, and Dad offering infamous pancakes, you all deserve a gold star.

Mark said...

The pancakes truly were inedible. I've got to figure that one out one of these days. But I redeemed myself last night with a decent pot of sauce.

Rita said...

Winds here even got a bit significant.

Rita said...

Ahhhh - sweet redemption.