Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Wow. That was, like, intense."

The sleepover continues.


Rita said...

Cutie Petuties.

Ronelle said...

I knew the first comment would be from Aunt Rita. The girls look like they are having fun. I remember those days as a participant and a parent. Fran is very pretty, she looks like Daddy!

Mark said...

I have to say, these were pretty cute girls -- Rachel, on the left, and Lacaia, next to Franny -- and all three of them were on their good behavior and fun to have around.

The girls watched movies and had snacks all night and then at midnight retired upstairs to Gina and Franny's room. They even managed to quiet down by 1 or thereabouts, according to prior agreement, and with the exception of some muffled giggles they were pretty quiet when they woke up this morning too.

Lacaia and Rachel managed to skedaddle out of here before I could inflict some of my famously bad pancakes on them, but they're both welcome back any time.

And big props to Franny (who's looking a little bit like Denzel Washington) for keeping the chaos under control.

Successful sleepover.