Sunday, December 9, 2007

Comfort Food

Man, Janicio is reading my mind. Today she posted this comment:

"update: a newly discovered comfort food: small slices of sharp cheddar with some of Kate's most excellent grape preserves on a neutral-tasting cracker, then a small slice of blue cheese with a drop of honey. repeat. Can be prepared and eaten with one hand and goes very well with painkillers."

Last night I was thinking of doing a comfort food post about Kaye's jam too. After we got back from the VERY awesome 5 glioma Sharon Jones concert, I discovered possibly the best ever use of Kaye's jam: Take a loaf of fresh baked sourdough bread, tear off chunks and just dip it in the jam. Dip it good. Swirl it around. Don't be shy, get that jam on there! Eat, repeat. Warning: This is delicious, but very bad for your diet. It also causes you to run out of jam rather quickly.

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kateco said...

This makes me feel so good ... I just love to think of that jam going out and comforting the world! The reach of the vine is long!