Thursday, December 6, 2007

What do these two people have in common?

That's our friend and M&M regular Janice, with Michelle above, and Pedro Martinez, baseball pitcher extraordinaire, left.

The answer, my friends, is rotator cuff surgery.

As you may have noted in the comments here, Janice is going in for rotator cuff surgery tomorrow, the latest treatment in a shoulder injury that won't go away. I don't know a lot about the operation -- here's a description -- but just from following baseball all these years I know that it's no picnic and often requires a year-long recuperation, with therapy.

On the other hand, as Pedro and other sports stars have shown, you can come back from rotator cuff and still dominate. I predict Janice will be back fly-tying and -casting in no time. Watch out, trout!

We'll be thinking of her tomorrow. Here's a big M&M toast and best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

Good luck, Janice!


Rita said...

Best of luck, Janice. You have a lot of support out here!

freda said...

best wishes Janice. by the way, where are you?

Janice said...

LOUISVILLE, KY. The surgery went better than expected but, boy, am I cranky now. It's about 18 hours post op. My cuff wasn't torn away, just frayed. they cleaned up everything with tools akin to a sander, vacuum and scisors. The rehab will be a lot better than if the cuff had been torn completely. I should be back to two handed typing in a couple of weeks instead of 4 to 6. they gave me a nerve block for my left shoulder that disembodied it. I could touch it but not feel it. When transfering me to the operating table (which supposedly turned into a beach lounger once I was asleep to get my shoulder to the correct angle)they put my numb hand on my belly and told me to hang on to it with my other hand. Not only could I only feel one of my two intertwined hands, but it felt as if my numb arm was still at my side! a very strong feeling. kinda cool at the time but they sent me home that numb and I spent a drugged, anxious evening checking my sling and arm to make sure I did.t slip and bend my thumb, or twist my fingers, cut off circulation, etc. right now I can move it but everything is tingling. Judy came home with me and made chicken soup with my leftovers. think I'll go zap some.

Mark said...

Wow, what a story (and I love the dateline; classic).

That sounds brutal, but also lucky at the same time. I know your recovery won't be any fun, but I'm happy for you that it will be so much shorter than it might have been.

Congratulations, Janice, and thanks for the update.

Hang in there!


Janice said...

update: a newly discovered comfort food: small slices of sharp cheddar with some of Kate's most excellent grape preserves on a neutral-tasting cracker, then a small slice of blue cheese with a drop of honey. repeat. Can be prepared and eaten with one hand and goes very well with painkillers.

kateco said...

Whoa, janice, I had missed this excellent Janice Cuff Update. You are brave and , I must say, an excellent one-handed typer! Heal well!

Janice said...

If anyone is truly interested, I have videos showing the inside of my shoulder. One shows what I assume to be my acronium getting shaved that's a little bloody, annother shows my cuff being trimmed and what I guess is fat being shaved, at least it looks like fat if I were a chicken. On two of them they left the camera on as the pulled it out, sort of fantastic voyageish, and in another it looks like something is about to erupt, then an instument pokes though into the area. 5 in all, all gross in their own way.