Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hey you guys!

We're making the first annual M&M Calendar and we need a couple of key dates to add:

Val's birthday
Janice's birthday
Laurie's birthday
Ronelle's birthday

Come across, please!

Thank you,


Janice said...

Laurie's birthday is an international holiday!
Mine is Sept.7

Ronelle said...

July 22nd, and since you are both journalists I will satisfy your need to know...1957!

Mark said...

Thank you both.

Ronelle, sheesh, we missed celebrating a round number with you. You've got to come out here!

kateco said...

Laurie sue -- nov 9 1960

Val said...

January 30, 1965

Mark said...

Excellent reporting; thank you everybody. New calendars on the way.