Thursday, December 6, 2007


Yes friends, that's the l'italiano word for the day. Mark guessed it meant fire. I was thinking it was kind of inferno-ey looking myself.

But in fact, our word for today l'inverno, l'inverno, l'inverno ...

Means winter.

Freda, can you make a sentence out of party, pepper and winter?


freda said...

andiamo comprare pepe per la mia fiesta quest inverno.

what a shame I don't have an italian spell checker.

Mark said...

Don't know if it means anything, but it looks Italian!

Good job, Freda.

Val said...

"we're going to buy pepper for my party this winter"?

freda said...

lets go buy pepper for my party this winter

Val said...

ah, imperative! thanks!

BTW, it's not a spelling checker, but there's a great online English>Italian/Italian>English dictionary I use-- very powerful, links to conjugations, similar words, etc:

They also have good browser integration -- a search plugin for Firefox, and a toolbar for Internet Explorer, among other tools. See their tools page.