Tuesday, January 22, 2008

As if there's not enough to worry about

Just when you thought it was safe to raise your head and look around at the sorry state of the devastation -- global warming, identity theft, online sex predators, tailspinning global stock markets, bickering presidential candidates, tone-deaf "American Idol" contestants -- here comes another big problem:

"Our dirt is disappearing," screams the Seattle P-I headline this morning.

Seems, according to the story, that the Earth's thin layer of topsoil is slowly eroding due to ... farming, really? ... and nobody's doing anything about it. Well, except for the P-I, that is, and some guy who wrote a book.

It's "another global crisis quietly taking place under our feet," the reporter tells us.

Barf. I'm so sick of these alarmist reports masquerading as journalism. They might be even worse than the poor-Gloria hearts and flowers pieces that I hate so much.

We wonder why the news business is in trouble. Wake me up when the last paper folds.

I don't know where we're headed with the topsoil crisis -- I had to stop reading after four paragraphs -- but I know that you could solve the problem, no matter how much dirt we're missing, by tilling all this wasted newsprint into the ground and letting it mulch.


freda said...

oh my goodness, thank ('her who is separated' (from state)) you do realize that the contestants on American Idol are tone deaf.

kateco said...

Odin damn the dirt wasters! May they never quaff Mead in Valhalla.

kateco said...

And Odindamn the editors of the Armageddon beat! May they pass through the entrails of Freki!

mich said...

Mark, you made it four grafs further in the dirt story than I did. The headline was enough for me. Thanks for saying what needed to be said.