Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"In the Precepts of Jesus Christ"

Those words came out of B. Obama's mouth in the debate tonite.

I just don't think I can vote for him.

Also, he's seeming a little slippery, just in general.

I hate that religiousity is such a big part of electing our President. I wonder how much of an issue God is in elections in England, Germany, France, etc. I mean really. What did happen to the seperation of c & state?



Janice said...

God should stay out of politics, for sure, But I seem to recall, God meddling in Kate's art late last summer on this VERY BLOG. Am I misremembering something or did God opine on Kate's orange?!?

freda said...

really? Is Janice right?

this country was supposed to be based on separation of church and state. It really puts my back up when people drag religion into government.

Mark said...

Ha! Very good, Janice.

kateco said...

Don't get me started.

Last week Mike Huckabee said we should amend the constitution to god's wishes. His audience applauded. And while I am sure Odin would be gratified, I'm not all that sure the red states would enjoy the human sacrifices mandated at Blot. (Although the rules say a bad politician is as good a sacrifice as any other slave, and maybe we cold work out a NASCAR tie in.)

Anyway, yeah Obama's pandermonium really rubs me the wrong way. Especially because his Harvard Law Reviewin' ass knows better.

Re: Europe. They look at us as uneducated barbarians when it comes to politics and religion. Hicks from the sticks. Ask them when you're over there posing as Canadians.

Must see tv for our christian overlords: The Myth of a Christian Nation.

Janice: yeah, me and el greco, same problem.

Holy Ghost said...

Well, God *did* like that orange. What can you do. Art and religion is a classic combo, anyways.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that!...S

Janice said...

Huckabee said that! I thought the GOP line was that god is all for a democracy, I think George W. said that. These GOP guys need to get their stories straight. (I am right that Huck is a Republican? I tried to stay oblivious of such matters but a little leaks in.)

kateco said...

No child -- I saw Mike Huckabee say it on the teevee. If you have a strong stomach, you can see it on YouTube -- here.

Mark said...

Yes, Huckabee did say that, but you're right Janice about the Republicans needing to get their story straight.

In fact, in a really good analysis about how Huck is trying to straddle religion to play to both religious fundamentalists and everyone else, the NYT wrote on Sunday that some conservative Christians were annoyed by the constitution speech:

“Does it mean that the Constitution does not measure up to God’s standards? Is the Constitution anti-God?” asked Ted Olsen, an influential online commentator for an evangelical standard-bearer, Christianity Today. “Honestly, I’m thinking that this quote probably cost Huckabee more evangelical votes than it won him.”

Good story. You can read the whole thing here.

kateco said...

Mark: The picture of Ed Rollins re-activating Karl Rove's zombie army to create a new western theocracy under the beaming moon-face of a slick preacher is really disgusting ... thanks for the gross out.

And as far as other evangelicals denying Huck at the constitutional well ... it doesn't surprise me. They consistently downplay and misrepresent their sickest convictions -- like the god-ordained subservience of women to men -- in order not to be outed for the fanatical wackos that they are.