Monday, January 21, 2008

'OK,' Gina said ...

"... I'm now officially sick of Martin Luther King."

We were eating dinner the other night, and what prompted this politically incorrect outburst, apparently, was yet another -- one too many -- lectures at school that day about King. By the ninth grade now, Gina was saying, how many times can you hear the same thing?

On cross-examination she conceded that she wasn't so sick of him that she'd insist on going to school today, but I kind of get what she was saying. Sainthood gets boring. Even the stupid presidential candidates can't agree on whether MLK or LBJ should get credit for the big 1960s civil rights reforms -- and those are the Democrats!

When I was working for a living I always appreciated the paid day off but I also felt, especially as a manager, that it was best to work on MLK Day. That way you could get a bunch of stuff done in a relatively quiet office and save the paid holiday to take another time. Sweet. That's what Michelle's doing today.

Me, I'm planning to celebrate in my own fashion. I have a dream of pocket kings, or of flopping a pair with an open-end straight-flush draw -- something like holding the king and queen of spades on a board of 10 and jack of spades and queen of diamonds -- so I'm going to drive down to the Muck and see how many degenerates are there blowing their day off.

Unlike Gina, I'm officially not sick of Martin Luther King. As King himself surely must have said sometime, "Deal me in."


freda said...

It's a shame, but there is nothing like school and teachers to turn a kid off anything. They can turn anything into a chore, make one of the most exciting men in my lifetime (the other, in my opinion, was Gandhi), into a bore. Instead of killing hundreds and thousands of other people, (like the French and Russian revolutions), they both made their own revolutions by sacrificing themselves.

And now for something completely different. After getting back last week and finding that my house had been broken in to, and my new TV stolen, today I found out that someone in Spain is trying to buy appliances with one of my credit cards. Can you believe this? I had it in my hand as I spoke with the rep. sheesh.

kateco said...

freda: damn!

Mark: Have a lucky MLK Day! (that's the traditional greeting, right?)

Mark said...

Freda, that's terrible ... they stole your TV and your identity too? I hope you're able to stop the card before they use it much.

freda said...

yes, not a problem. I decided to install roll down shutters to protect against both break ins and hurricanes, and used the card for the deposit. The credit card company said they would not approve it till I called them. When I called they asked me if I was really makeing the purchase, I said yes, and then asked me if I really made purchases of expensive appliances, in Spain, I said no, so they cancelled my card, will send me a new one, and I put the deposit on another card. I got on line and checked my other cards, they seem to be OK.