Sunday, February 3, 2008



Here's Mark at the Tour Eiffel

PS: I have no idea why this keeps uploading sideways. Oh well, too bad! I'm tired of messing with it.


freda said...

so good to see you, who cares if it is sideways. I love Paris, in the spring time, in the fall, etc.

Rita said...

What a wonderful surprise!
Looks like a page for a calendar.

Thinking of you every day. As Freda says, we'll enjoy pictures any way we can get them.

ginaaaaaa said...

goodness. i'm tremendously jealous.

iiiiii loooooveeee parrriisssss.

kateco said...

Chick! Delicious to have some fully illustrated M&M from Paris! I hope the suggestions are really working out. I suddenly feel frighteningly responsible! Did you make it to chez louisette? did you eat in the cafe with the clock or Le Restaurant at the d'orsay? Are the Frenchy cold meds holding out?

Thank you for the update! Also jealous. Love K

Janice said...

Speaking of calendar: Happy Birthday, Rita!

Rita said...

Thank you, Janice, for starting my day with a smile.
Love that calendar!