Saturday, May 31, 2008

The 2nd Most Awesome Lobster Roll in Maine

Mark picked up a magazine today that had a story on where to find the best lobster rolls in New England. The article was horribly written, but still we decided to follow the author's advice on where to get the best piece of bread stuffed with a half pound of lobster.

The number one place was too far away, so we decided to have lunch today at the number two spot, a place called The Fish Shack in Rockport, Mass.

If this was #2, I can't wait to try #1. Di-lish.

Tomorrow we're trying another lobster roll at this place:

We're going to get one roll to share there, then we're going to head further north to Wicasset, Maine, where the allegedly #1 lobster roll in Maine can be found at Red's Eats.

We shall see, my friends. We shall see.

Also today, we swung by the President's compound in Kenebunkport. The guard out front looked at me funny when I took a picture. We saw a lot of black cars in the driveway. Secret Service. Shh.


freda said...

Did you make it to see Steve?

freda said...

that lobster roll does look delicious, and the place you are going to looks so pretty.

freda said...

by the way, I got back in last night.