Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Lurkers of M&M

Every once in a while, as I go about in this life, someone will mention "oh yeah, I saw that on your blog." And I think to myself you read my blog? Weird. I had no idea.

I have no idea because you don't comment! But maybe you don't comment because you don't know what to say?

So this week is coming out week for all the lurkers on this blog. You know who you are.

Here's the assignment. We're on here every day describing our days, what we see and do. On Monday or Tuesday of this week, you chime in. Tell us where you are, what you're doing, or some story of your day.

How 'bout it, lurkers??


babsia said...

I couldn't wait until Monday because I had more time to write this a.m. Thanks Michelle for the invite! And here goes:

It’s Sunday and I’m having a typical day. I’m going to go over to the Sitton Elementary at 11 a.m. to help set up for the school carnival. I don’t have children but one of my neighbors who is on the PTA thought I’d enjoy helping at the carnival. Okay. No problem.
Everything I do today is going to have an overlay involved. I’ve decided to go through the month of June without using my car. It’s a good thing I live in Portland (great mass transit) and that I have two bikes (one with a basket and rack, one is a pedicab that I use to take my mom around town).
Later today, when I go to celebrate the 5th anniversary of my favorite wine bar, I’ll probably have to fend off offers of a ride home. As I’ve moved from the Alberta Arts District (where EDW is located), I can’t stumble home after a couple glasses. My boyfriend, the beloved David, will be at the party but I’ve given him strict instructions to not drive more because I’m driving less. He won’t be giving me a ride home as he lives in the other direction.
So, this is it: I’m going to two celebrations in one day and I’m doing it on my own pedal power. Oh, and one more thing: I need to take a raffle prize from my store to the Sitton School Carnival and my most excellent guacamole to the party at EDW. I hope it doesn’t rain.

PC said...

Guilty! I've been lurking. But then again, I just noticed this comments posting as well...and finally read PITS-II blog from the beginning. Great pics, especiall Maine which has always provided good memories. Laissez-faire lined with just enough 'tude seems best med-mindset to travel with; glad to know you're flowing Mark. Count me in as transitioning from lurker to participant. And one Louisville request: give us a Janis boob shot...I always enjoyed their fullness and she always hid them so...and transmit out a virtual hug from her. Much love philip.

PC said...

An Osprey - This is the bird. Of course soon after finding comments, I've now discovered how to unhide photo captions. Maybe responding to blogs is the first step in becoming blogger. You are day, I am blogger.

freda said...

wow, that really worked. Jump in Philip, its fun

Janice said...

Phillip! SOME people...

But it is good to hear from you. We'll have to set up a rendez vous in New Orleans one day. I'm a little scared to return, haven't been back since Katrina.

Anonymous said...

A Lurker, hmm. I've been called worse. I'm the only person in the work who doesn't have a blog. The closest thing to a blog that I do is my band's myspace site-
its and I'm really bad about updating it. I can't figure out wether I live in New Orleans or Lafayette so I spend more time in my car than at the computer. I did want to mention that Mark looks very distinguished with the beard grown out- very Hemmingwayesque. You guys sound like you are having a great time. So get away from this computer screen and go enjoy the scenery!...Sandyman

Anonymous said...

that's world, not work. and whether not wether. (Where's my copy editor?)...S

Jim Thomsen said...

I've lapsed unforgivably into lurker mode, I guess. I don't know why. Normally I never know when to shut the fuck up.

It's Wednesday night (now Thursday morning) and I'm sitting in the newsroom of the Kitsap Sun, all alone, cleaning up all the posted-but-sloppily-edited-at-best copy on our Web site. I do this on my own time, which I shouldn't do but I can't help because I can't stand being associated with sloppy copy.

My save of the night: A Navy commander referred to a fallen comrade as "B.J. Honeycutt to my Hawkeye Pierce." Being in possession of far too much utterly useless knowledge, I immediately knew that the proper spelling was "B.J. Hunnicutt."

The Kitsap Sun newsroom is a singularly charmless place, with carpeting from the Early Carburetor Era, water-stained ceiling panels and headache-inducing fluorescent lighting. The police scanner blares out a steady stream of favorites from the White Trash Hit Parade.

I love it.

And now, I am going to scoop up the 14 Dr Pepper empties on my desk, dump them somewhere incorrect, venture out into the smoldering cigarette butt-stub of the night, and drive off into the charmless Bremerton dark.

These are the voyages of the Starship Editorprise.

Shit, I'm tired.

Donna said...

Hey guys,
I was just in Seattle last weekend (passing through on work trek to Spokane) and of course I thought of you.
Washington is very cool. I'll have to come back when I have time to play.
Take care,