Friday, May 16, 2008

Chez Philip

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to Philip, who gave us his most awesome D.C. apartment to use for the next few days. After 27 days on the road I was starting to feel a little wrung out. What a great thing to be able to unwind and lounge around.

Tonite I made pasta with olive oil and garlic, and we watched Spartacus on his TIVO. Ah.

("I am Spartacus. NO, I am Spartacus!" What a great, cheesy movie. Yes, Laurie, that is the "rapping Spartacus" statue we spotted at the Louvre years ago.)

Philip's apartment is in such a great location, we were able to walk down to the president's house today, and last night walked to a multiplex to see Mamet's latest, Red Belt (total suck, save the money. LAAAME. -2 gliomas.)

So Thanks, Philip, you rock, as always!!

Here's a view from Philip's apartment:


kateco said...


LaSue said...

Wow - I immediately recognized the rapping Spartacus. It made me squeal out loud. How do you have that picture? Plus a movie review with 2 gliomas, you can bet I might not even see Red Belt on video. Thanks for making my insomnia worth the wake-up. Love to Philip if you are still near him.

Michelle said...

dude, that was NEGATIVE 2 gliomas. Total suck.

freda said...

wow, what a great place, Philip really hit jackpot, lucky you. glad you are able to recoup from all the nasty no see ums.