Friday, May 16, 2008

The Sorta Secret Service

So we're walking around inside the beltway today -- strolling up and down The Mall, checking out the Prez' house -- when we notice a bunch of guys in cop-like outfits. The badges on their arms identify them as Secret Service. Well, not-so-secret service, if you're going to dress like that, I'm thinking.

So I walk up to one of the "secret" service guys and ask him "Are you Secret Service?"

"Yes," he says.

Man, now the cat's really out of the bag!

Anyways, I snap a quick picture of him, and he yells "No!"

I'm thinking, uh-oh, maybe I breached some kind of secret security rule. I say "Really, I can't take a picture?"

He says "No, I just don't like to have my picture taken."

I take a closer look at him and behind his giant Tom Cruise bad man sunglasses, he's like, 21.

"No worries," I tell him. "You've got those big sunglasses on. No one will know it's you."

"Okay," he says.

And here he is. Don't tell anyone.


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that is so funny

gina said...

thats great.
good times you guys are having.