Monday, June 9, 2008

Behind the green glass door

Allison had us all scratching our heads and guessing wildly this afternoon with a riddle she picked up at camp.

Behind the green glass door there is green but no blue. Behind the green glass door there is sleep but no bed. Behind the green glass door there is Michelle but no Mark. There's a bathroom but no toilet. Coffee but no Starbucks. And so on.

Why are the things behind the green glass door there, and why aren't the things that aren't?

We about went crazy trying to figure it out. Alex wasn't pleased that his sister Allison was behind the green glass door but he wasn't.

It's a fun game. In true Allison fashion, I'll let you figure it out for yourself.

Behind the green glass door there are guesses but no easy answers.


Ronelle said...

Cute kids...the riddle hurts my head...but I will give it some thought.

Home Sweet trip. I wonder how you will entertain us once you are back at home again.

FYI -School of Rock was filmed at Wagner College, where Christin goes to school.

Jason Bellamy said...

Would I find a balloon behind the green glass door but no air? A Sizzler but no steak? A "Manhattan" but no "Celebrity" (by Woody, who would be behind the green glass door with Soon-Yi but without Mia)? If so, I think I got it. Not that I get it.

Mark said...

Ronelle, thank you! That was driving me crazy last night. I was sure I had seen pictures of that campus recently but I couldn't remember where.

Not sure what we'll do for entertainment when we get home. But I know that at our house -- and also behind the green glass door -- there will be Wii (yes! thanks again). No Xbox.

Mark said...

Ah Jason, clever programming nerd (a type you'd find aplenty behind the green glass door). Odd though, since they have Bellamys but no Jasons.

You'd also be bummed, I'm sure, that they have filmmaking but no films. A shame, since all those wide screens are going to waste.

Rita said...

Got it! Thanks to Jason.

Glad you're heading for the barn. A mother hen likes to know where her chicks are.

(Like behind the green glass door would there be mamma hens? but no chicks?)

Janice said...

Still don't get it, I hope Allison clues us in.

Ronelle said...

Hey - I figured out that I would be behind the green glass door! Thanks to the hints in the posts by bloggers more clever than I am.(who would also be behind the #$%& door).

Mark said...

Hey Ronelle, how did Holley's audition go?

Ronelle said...

Mark - I sent you an e-mail since I didn't want to hog the space here. I also sent some files for your listening pleasure.

Hey -Holley would be behind those doors too! HELP----Make it STOP!!!!

Jason Bellamy said...

The nerd says that it helps when the riddle is in print. It might have taken me hours otherwise.

But this isn't the height of my riddle-solving nerdity. Several years ago, my girlfriend was an avid listener of NPR's weekly "Puzzler," with NY Times crossword puzzle guru Will Shortz. The girlfriend and I used to race one another to figure out the week's big listener challenge clue.

So one week I figure it out (I'd share it now, but I only remember the answer, not the riddle itself) and tell my girlfriend. Three days later she tells me that, oh yeah, she took my correct answer, submitted it and "won" the challenge. Which is how she (not I) came to play the Puzzler one week.

She did well. When it was all over, they were listing her prizes on the air. Being the NPR nerd that she is, she made an allusion to "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!" (where contestants win the voice of Carl Kasell on their answering machine) and whined, "What? I don't get Will's voice on my answering machine?"

Which is how it came to be that "Puzzle Master Will Shortz" was the voice of our answering machine for a good two-plus years. Nerdy. Very nerdy. But so nerdy it's cool. Like bowling shoes.

I tell this story as a public service: should any M&M readers win the voice of Carl Kasell (or any other celebrity) on their answering machine someday, when you write the script be sure to have the celebrity say YOUR name(s) first. Our caller ID showed that friends would call three times in rapid succession whenever they got our machine, always hanging up the second they heard, "Hi, this is Will Shortz..."

Then again, maybe the celeb makes a difference. But after "Wordplay" (a great documentary, folks), Will is a movie star. So there.