Friday, June 13, 2008

Nice to be home

We left Renee's comfy house in Denver on Tuesday morning and after two very long days of driving arrived back in Seattle late Wednesday night. Great trip, great memories, but we both agree it's great to be home too.

Although we cut Pie in the Sky II a little shorter than planned -- maybe it really was pie-in-the-sky, Mom -- we still spent two very full months on the road. We got tired, I'll admit it, and maybe a little over-saturated too. At some point it gets hard to take in any more sights and experiences and really appreciate them, no matter how cool.

One down side of returning early is that we're without Internet access until the middle of next week, when they can reconnect our DSL. That's why we've been out of touch since returning. (I'm writing now from the library up the street.)

Thanks to all for following along, for hosting or meeting us along the route and for sharing in our fun adventure.

Here are a couple of pics from the drive home, beginning with the nice Rocky Mountain view from Renee's neighborhood. We drove north to Wyoming, stopped in beautiful downtown Laramie for lunch, then cut west into Utah, up to Idaho, through a slice of Eastern Oregon, where there was still snow on the ground, then into Eastern Washington and across the Snoqualmie Pass to Seattle, viewed above from a freeway underpass and below from the West Seattle Bridge to our house.


freda said...

thanks for the update, glad you got back safely. You had a wonderful trip, but after a while you have had all the fun you can stand and home looks really good.

mich said...

Welcome home, guys! Mark, I have that package for you whenever we can meet up. It's good to have you back in the 'hood. See you soon.

Michael Lewis said...

Hey M&M,
Have really enjoyed the blog so far. Dunno if you two are in Vegas 6/13-16 but I'm here handing out money to poker players. If you two are in town, call me at 206.931.9883. Hope all is well. -- Mike Lewis

freda said...

I am sitting here chewing my nails waiting for you to get hooked back up.

LaSue said...

Wow - Is it really over? Since I'm not planning any major trips this year I have enjoyed living on the road through you. I'm usually wanting my own bed after 11 days, I can't believe you made it two months. Great adventure. Thanks for sharing it with me.

So....when are you returning to California? haha

Jim Thomsen said...

Welcome back home!

Bet you didn't expect to see snow at Snoqualmie Summit in June.

It'll take you several days just to catch up on the latest newspaper downsizings around here.