Saturday, June 21, 2008


One of the nice things about returning home earlier than planned was that we got to attend Franny's eighth-grade graduation ceremony last week, celebrating promotion from Madison Middle School to high school.

In a way it seems silly to me that the school makes such a big deal about passing the eighth grade, but on the other hand going to high school is a big deal, and the kids all get into it. The girls dress up, some of the boys put on a shirt with buttons, a few of the class leaders and teachers make short little speeches, the school jazz band plays a couple of tunes, everyone gets called up to the stage to receive a certificate (that's Fran getting hers, in the fuzzy photo above), and academic achievers get called out for special attention.

That's where I ended up getting a little annoyed though. Franny's best friend Lacaia (below, with Fran) was one of 27 kids who managed to get through the three years of middle school with a perfect record of straight A's. Quite an achievement, I think, and nice that she and the others were called up to the stage individually to receive a little trophy. But when the stupid principal, Ms. Hudson (who insists on being called Dr. Hudson), got to Lacaia, she bungled her name: "La ... La ... LaCalla?" It's La-cay-a. She messed up Lacaia's last name too, which is even easier.

That made me so mad. Come on, lady! After all the platitudinous speeches about preparation and taking care of the details, you can't take the time to learn the names of 27 outstanding students? Sheesh. What does a kid have to do to get your attention around here, shoot up in the hallway?

Really, I was so bugged I almost walked up to the "doctor" after the ceremony and chewed her out.

Even so, it was a fun night. Frank looked happy and proud. Gina and Greta sat with Michelle and me in the grandstand, and we all mingled afterward in the courtyard, where we ran into Mich and Gabby (she's in Fran's class).

The ceremony was at West Seattle High School, where most of the Madison promotees will attend next year. Gina went there for freshman year but didn't really like it; she and Fran are both moving in the fall to the Center School, which is a smaller arts-oriented school downtown.

Here are Frank and Gina goofing off:

Gabby and a group of her friends. Gab's third from the right, in the blue floral dress:

Franny and her buds:


freda said...

nyea, you are back. You have been missed. who is Frank? Congratulations Franny. nice pics.

mich said...

Franny, I only saw you from a distance that night, but you look beautiful. Congratulations, and good luck at the Center School. That sounds like a great place.

Rita said...

Oh Happy Day, Franny!

Congratulations on the milestone. To me you look like a little movie star! In fact, I cannot believe the drop-dead-gorgeous-beauties that I proudly claim as Granddaughters.

Have a fun summer and do your magic at Center School next fall

Thanks, Mark. What a proud Dad you must be.

Jim Thomsen said...

Forgive my ignorance ... but ... ummmmmm ... are these your kids?

Jim Thomsen said...