Saturday, June 21, 2008


So distracting we've hardly missed the Internet.

Ever since we got home from Pie in the Sky Michelle and I -- and now Gina and Franny too -- have been junkies for Wii, the awesome video game system Ronelle and her family gave us when we visited in New Jersey. We've all stayed up way too late, bowling and playing baseball and tennis until our eyes blurred and our elbows burned.

For those who haven't played the game or seen the ads, the Wii, by Nintendo, is a game system in which you don't just push buttons but actually move the game controller to control your player. So, to swing a virtual tennis racquet you swing your arm, forehand or backhand, timing it so your racquet hits the ball in the direction and with the speed you want. Same for baseball, bowling, golf and the rest. And we all spent some time creating our own personalized "Miis" to represent us on the screen. It's surprisingly, ridiculously fun. Gina and Franny even stopped by unannounced last week -- twice! -- to squeeze in a game.

Based on Wii Tennis alone, Gina and Franny have now expressed interest in playing real tennis, and Fran and I went out the other day for her first lesson.

One of the games is helping Franny in the other. I'm not sure which, but in another couple of weeks I don't expect to be able to beat her in either.

In honor of Ronelle's daughter Christin (above left, with her cousin Holley, right) we try to remember not to call the game Wii, but "Wheeee!," which really is more fitting.

(Speaking of which: Ronelle, If we send each other our Wii console numbers we should be able to exchange Miis and messages and maybe even play against each other. Hit me up by e-mail.)

The game really does make your arm sore though. We're already thinking we'll need to go buy the new "Wii Fit" program to get us into shape to play regular Wii.


mich said...

Looks like fun! Do they have a Wii game for drinking margaritas and scooping salsa with tortilla chips? We'd take that championship.

cloroxgina said...

nice pictures dude.
the wii, in the fine words of slbm, ROHOHOHOHOOCKKKS.

and i agree.

Mark said...

Mich, we tried it with martinis and popcorn (real, not virtual) and it worked just fine. You're officially invited to come over for the world championship any time.

... OK, Ronelle, the West Coast championship. For the World Championship we'll have to get both branches of the family together.

BTW, that "cloroxgina" comment is Gina. She died her hair blonde the other day so she made a new Mii of herself, named Cloroxgina. And "slbm" is me, Super Lima Bean Man, the nickname the girls gave me for when I'm in a good mood and wearing my Hawaiian-style Jazzfest red bean (not lima) shirt.

Ronelle said...

I LOVE seeing you guys enjoy the Wheeeee so much - every time I take a few days off I wind up sore again when I go back.
I agree that a tournament must be held on your home turf this time -I am serious! I want to go up against you in...what should I pick..I KNOW - BOWLING!
Here's an important question - can Gina and Franny bowl strikes from their seats?
Mich - there is no value in virtual margaritas -not worth the sore arms.
Congrats to Franny on her graduation to HS! Central looks like a great school.
Mark -I responded to your Wii e-mail and also sent you some other things by e-mail. Let me know if you get them.
We had dogs on the fire tonight and it made us miss you all over again.

freda said...

challange! wheee tennis.

When I was up in the DC area last Christmas, we played at Sandy's parents house. The three none game playing people, me, Yulan and her sisters Hong Lan and Hong Chu, became instant addicts. great fun.

freda said...

oops, the four none video game playing people

Rita said...

Looks like a lot of fun going on there!!!!

SO HAPPY to see the blog active again.

Lisa G. said...

Hey man, we need to play Wii online. I am a wicked bowler. And there is no way you can hit my slider.

We won our Wii at a school auction and now must send our Mii family out to do battle. (Only problem is that I have never done it yet and will probably screw it up) Are you in? When and where? sucka!


Mark said...

Bring it on, Gohm.

I don't remember seeing a slider, but my splitter's pretty bitchin'. And Michelle actually hit the ball out of the stadium. Not just the field, the stadium. My cousin saw it.

freda said...

step away from the Wii, your public awaits

Jim Thomsen said...

I haven't played a video game in 25 years. I suspect I'd develop a meth-like addiction to Wii in about 25 milliseconds.