Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Flash from the past

Some of you might remember Mark & I made our way into Maine on our big trip across America. We ate a lobster sandwich, went to sleep, and Mark woke up with a swollen eye that -- to me -- looked a little like his eye did after his big brain surgery.

We went to the self-professed best hospital in Maine, where the decidedly distracted doctors on the ER staff decided six or seven hours later that Mark had an infection -- Cellulitis.

To this day Mark calls the swelling "a mosquito bite."

Here, now, for your viewing pleasure, photos from the day we spent at The Best Hospital in Maine.

The toilet situation in Mark's room in The Best Hospital in Maine.

The eye.

Mark watches baseball in The Best Hospital in Maine


Janice said...

I guess the best hospital in Maine needs to hire the best plumber in Maine, or maybe just any ole plumber in Maine. Nice to see they found the best tv saleman in Maine, though

freda said...

omg. that's the best hospital in Maine? Some back woods place in Alabama or Mississippi perhaps, but Maine? If I ever found myself in a hospital like that I would run out screaming.